Your grandmother's prayers are still protecting you.

Your grandmother's prayers are still protecting you.

How comforting is it to know that your grandmother's prayers are still protecting you today?


Just think about that for a moment. Your grandmother who held you as a brand-new baby, who prayed safety and joy over your life, her prayers are still woven into your very being.




My husband and I see the love our parents have for our own children, and I know the love my own grandparents have for me. There is nothing on earth like it.


Grandparents are the safe space for children. They are the comfy lap to crawl up on and their home is often the place where creativity blossoms. They are a quiet refuge and fill their grandchildren with goodness that they carry with them for a lifetime.


Whether you get to see your grandkids on a daily basis or visits are reserved for a few special times a year, know every moment matters. Long after you are gone from this world, they will still feel the love you have poured into them.


One way you can keep fueling them with love and light long after you are gone is by preserving your story. By capturing the story of your childhood, your story as newlyweds, and even your stories of how you got through hardships, your children and grandchildren will continue to learn lifelong lessons from you.


Every story hits differently at different stages. Your 18-year-old grandson may not have much to say right now about how you juggled two kids and a baby while grieving the loss of your father, but 20 years from now that story could be the hope he needs to get him through his own rough season.


Your story matters. Even the hard parts.


We learn so much about ourselves when we learn our family story. It is here where we can begin to reconcile our losses, dig into our gritty faith, and discover hope for the future. It is in our story that poor generational patterns get broken and strong new ones are born.


If you are ready to capture your story for your family, I am ready to help you. Here are three ways I can help:


1.capturing your story through an informal audio interview either in person or via Zoom. Your interview is then transcribed into a PDF you can copy and distribute to your family.


2. capturing your stories through interview and then compiling them into a bound book complete with family photos and captions. One book is included, and additional books can be purchased by your family as a generational keepsake.


3. your complete memoir, professionally ghostwritten, edited, designed and published. If you are looking for a way to make an impact on the world by publishing your story, we can make that a reality.


If you want to chat more about any of these options, simply email me at or call me at 919.624.5136.





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