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Purpose + Grit Marketplace makes it easy to support the work of good people doing good things by connecting faith-based Creators with an engaged Christian community of supporters.

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Gritty Faith Magazine

We tell the stories of the fighters, the survivors, the dream chasers, and the determined warriors... the people living with faith over fear. Our annual publication sparks authentic conversations through words, photography, and art. Our 2024 Edition is available now!

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Hey there,

I'm Jessy. I'm a Prayer Artist, writer, speaker, and the leader behind Purpose + Grit Marketplace. I know often when we are going through the hardest things, we struggle to find the right words in prayer and conversation. I teach people how to use art as a form of prayer and I write about life in the trenches because sometimes the only way through is to follow the light of a person who has been there. As the leader of Purpose + Grit Marketplace, its my honor to cheer loudly for our Creators in this space to amplify their work and help them create deeper connections with YOU.

How can we serve you?

Here at Purpose + Grit, our primary goal is connection. Through art, words, and conversation, we help people connect in meaningful ways. Written word, visual, audio/video, individual, and community aspects are all built into our offerings as we collaborate with our Purpose + Grit Marketplace Creators so you are sure to find the next right thing to help you through the trenches.

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