From the Editor about Gritty Faith: Anchored

From the Editor about Gritty Faith: Anchored

By Jessy Paulson, originally published in Gritty Faith: Anchored

Hope lives in story. Whether it is connecting to God through biblical stories or those of modern day, here at Gritty Faith we know that storytelling is a foundation of faith. We believe that when you can see evidence of how God has worked through other people during their hardest moments, you can begin to see how He is working right now through your own difficult story.

This is the 18th volume of Gritty Faith and the very first annual edition. Countless hours have been poured into these pages by our contributors, our sponsors, and our team to prepare this publication. We are honored to hold space for the nineteen voices sharing within this edition of Gritty Faith.

This year, we chose the title Anchored and have loosely tied a water theme throughout the stories, scripture, prompts, and prayers here. Water is life giving. It is a connector. It grounds us and re-energizes us. In every form, water leads us back to our Creator, if only we let it.

In the spring, I find that connection during the first warm days as the bright sunshine melts the South Dakota snow into puddles. As I notice the landscape of my yard drastically changing every hour, I am reminded of how God can always make sudden shifts for good, even in the hardest circumstances.

In the summer, I often feel connected by watching thunderstorms roll in under the cover of my front porch. As I keep my eyes on the dark sky, I can’t help but be awestruck by the way the lighting cracks, lighting up the sky and giving me a glimpse into the heavens before the bottom of the clouds fall out in a gush of pouring rain. 

When I’m really lucky, I get that closeness to God with my feet in the sea, watching the waves gently roll over me. And in the winter it comes in a flurry of snow, burying me deep into hibernation for the rest I need.

Yes, water is a powerful connector, a reminder of the life-giving renewal available to us continually through God.

This edition of Gritty Faith is structured in four sections, one for each season — Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. We have purposefully spread out the content over the course of a year so that you can keep this as a bedside or coffee table devotional all year long. 

In this expanded annual edition, you will find more of the heartfelt stories you have come to love from Gritty Faith plus thoughtful columns, meaningful prayer art, and space for you to journal your own thoughts and prayers. 

Our team has really kicked it up a notch with this publication and we cannot wait to share with you how God has woven His Golden Thread throughout the creation of Gritty Faith: Anchored.


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