Creators Connection: Southern Somethings

Creators Connection: Southern Somethings

Hello New Friends! I am soooo excited to “meet” you all and introduce you to our business as well as the family behind the artwork you see.


Just a brief background - my husband (Dale) and I (Lynn) grew up in a small town in North Carolina. He spent 20+ years in the Air Force, which is how we eventually came to be in South Carolina. Both of our children (a son and a daughter) were born in South Carolina and when he retired from the military, we made the decision to stay. Our children are now adults, married, with children of their own (4 precious grandchildren for “Papa” and “B” to love on).


Southern Somethings originally began as a creative outlet for our daughter’s (Samantha) artwork; however, it is really a three-way partnership with each of us bringing a different skill set to the overall business.


Samantha graduated from The College of Charleston with a degree in Arts Management and is the true artist in my mind. She provides so much creative inspiration when we are brainstorming together. Her favorite medium is charcoal, and she provides all the calligraphy for the items you see with wording. She accepts a few portrait or animal commission requests throughout the year and also provides signage for weddings and events; however, a full-time, outside of the home job, church volunteerism and two young children, keep her extremely busy.


Through lots of trial and error, I have found a niche in acrylics, using a pallet knife technique, and am inspired by nature, hymns, and scripture. I LOVE old, clapboard churches and my sweet husband will pull the car over as we are driving (most of the time 😊) and let me snap a quick picture to use as inspiration for my next painting. I will paint on just about anything – old ironing boards, plates, pillow covers, barnwood, old tins – you name it. With my business background, I handle all the administrative pieces of the business as well.


Dale is the woodworker in the partnership, who cuts and puts together all the crazy things we ask of him. Often, I will come home from work and there will be a stack of wood on the table, cut to the shapes and dimensions I have requested, and it makes me extremely happy. He loves to build and create large items - rocking horses, tables, etc. on the side as well. For each of our grandchildren’s first Christmas, he designed and built individual, unique rockers that I am sure will become family heirlooms and hopefully passed down for generations.


Thank you for allowing me to introduce the family members behind the business of Southern Somethings. We hope this gives you a little insight into our inspiration and why we do what we do. My personal hope and prayer is to always use the items and art we create to share God’s message in a manner that brings joy to others. We would love to hear from you.

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