Creator Connection: Three-Eight-One Creations LLC

Creator Connection: Three-Eight-One Creations LLC

Hello- it is nice to meet everyone!


My name is Lisa Shutt and I live in Westminster, MD. We are originally from North Carolina. My husband is an associate pastor of Church of the Open Door here in MD and I am soon to be retired (July 1 actually).


We started this business in 2019 to help supplement my income. We had absolutely no idea what we were doing. I came across Melissa with Sparrows Grace on FB in 2020. With her guidance, A LOT OF PRAYER, and allowing the Lord to lead, our business has grown. We have a better understanding of what is involved, how to market better and which direction the Lord would have us go. We then transitioned to our wooden signs and ornaments.


The Lord has really blessed us, and we are beginning to get a steady customer base. The sales are becoming steadier, and we are so excited about that! We look forward to including other items that will be an encouragement to others.


We do get a lot of questions about our name, Three-Eight-One Creations. It was our little code we used when we were dating and it has stuck with us for over 40 years of marriage: Three words, Eight letters, One meaning. Want to take a guess? Hint: it is something you should say to your spouse every day! (I Love You).


Shop Three-Eight-One Creations LLC here: Three-Eight-One Creations LLC (

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