Creator Connection: The Ferne Ruth Co.

Creator Connection: The Ferne Ruth Co.

Meet Laurie from The Ferne Ruth Co!

I feel especially close to our Creator when I’m in nature. So, naturally, when I decided to create a handmade jewelry business, it involved—and continues to involve—plenty of God’s beautiful handiwork! The Ferne Ruth Co is “Seriously Fun” jewelry! I am a jewelry designer, maker and author.

My gifting lies in the ability to mix design and gorgeous colors with flair and an element of fun! Each earring, necklace, hairstick and bracelet is crafted by me and made from agates, druzys, quartz, jasper, semi-precious stones, Indian sari silk and vintage found pieces.

My "Stories By Design" line (a subsidiary of The Ferne Ruth Co) features ten faith-based true stories and matching jewelry that reminds us of God's care and provision when we are faced with difficult circumstances. The full story is on the back of the jewelry card. We hope every time you wear Stories By Design jewelry, it will evoke these stories and God’s love for us.

I named my award-winning business, The Ferne Ruth Co, after my artistic inspiration--my mom--who was an award-winning watercolor/encaustic painter in the 1970's. I learned much of my design skills from Mom asking me what I thought of her paintings and if I "thought the painting needed something more here."

Describing my work, a recent customer said "I've never seen anyone else do what you can do with these gemstones! They are absolutely beautiful!" This gives me warm fulfilling fuzzies because I love creating unusual, yet wearable pieces of art!

I participate in about 30 art shows a year, and hair sticks are my #1 bestseller! It just takes one but, you can use additional hair sticks as decoration! It’s simple to use--but they come with directions and a video demo is available on my website. The wood is Peruvian, and I decorate them with beautiful, natural, authentic stones.

After my bout with breast cancer, 50% of all pink jewelry sold goes to Breast Cancer research. My breast cancer story is on the "Survivors" Stories by Design card.

I’ve made Ferne Ruth jewelry with YOU in mind - hope you love what you see!

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