Creator Connection: Patchwork Feathers LLC

Creator Connection: Patchwork Feathers LLC

Hello fellow creatives!! I'm Karole Lynne and I'm so excited to be a part of Purpose and Grit and bring my passion of quilting and quilty things by providing Quilty Treasures for Your Life to the world through my shop at Patchwork Feathers LLC.


I began Patchwork Feathers about three years ago as my youngest was finishing up homeschooling and I was looking longingly at the unfinished projects I had put on the shelf while raising my family. My love for creating had blossomed in many ways while shepherding my children through the early years but wanted to get back to designing and creating quilts. With some unique ideas in mind, I forged ahead, began selling at local markets and created an online space. It's now time to lengthen the reach with the network of Purpose & Grit.


The collection is comprised of new quilts and quilted items such as quilted cup cosys, pillows, framed quilted messages, and cloth napkins. In addition, see the many upcycled items from vintage quilts that are partly damaged. I take the best parts and reimagine them into pillows, totes, mug coasters, eyeglass holders, smaller quilts and more. Quilt themed items include jewelry, candles, soaps, and cutting/charcuterie boards.


Why quilts? A quilt has always reminded me of our lives. The colors, textures, designs, hard corners, rounded curves, and even the smells, all represent the many aspects of what shapes our thoughts, growth, loves and dislikes as we go through this amazing gift called life. It's a collection of many things that impacts us greatly. It blankets us in many ways. It covers us like the feathers of a nest, that protects and nurtures us in our journey. That is why Psalms 91:4 is the basis for the name of my business, as well as the theme for what my products bring to my customers and their journey. (He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge. His truth is your shield and armor.)


A few fun facts about me: I had never been a dog person, but recently became a doggie mom to two Havapoo pups (sisters). I'm not sure how I survived before Cami and Penny. My grandmother taught me to quilt (I treasure all the quilts she made for me and my children) and her daughter, my aunt, owned a quilt/crafting shop in Delaware - it must be in my genes. I'll quilt endlessly, but don't ask me to alter your clothing.


I also offer custom work on a limited basis. Please feel free to contact me to inquire into special projects.


Stop by and subscribe to the monthly email updates with special features and offers. Welcome to my shop, where you will find many items to feather your nest, your lifestyle, or quality and unique gifts for those in your life.


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