A Summer’s Masterpiece

A Summer’s Masterpiece

By Hannah Van Steenwyk

Once again, we begin

Early days with later evenings

Tuning our days to the turning of clocks.

Flies and bees,

Flowers and trees.

O’, the streams of honey,

O’, streams of sunshine.

The sweetness of teas

With warmth of the future that

Found its way into our home.

Setting time and setting goals.

We find our minds escaping time,

And reach for more than what’s mine.

Our goals and plans go unseen but

Our dreams are somehow gleaned.

Having peace of mind is greater still

When being creative feels less real.

Today is bright but not to create.

Our feet and legs tremble

At the thought of wasted work.

How can I waste this?

How could I rest in this?

The wasted time is what’s much worse.

Pampering and plucking our supplies,

Only feeling it too late to realize

True goals are met with action.

Our dreams are not our own.

Desires for more or being fully contempt,

These dreams are given from God.

A trying hand is greater than none,

When our hands turn stone into stones.

It’s when faithfulness has seamlessly won.

We put our vision to the test.

Cutting boards, turning wheels, and

Flowing paints, these are our weapons.

Warm colors waging wars and

The pattern of bright lights.

One is stronger in the presence of two.

The art and the practice,

We set our eyes to one another.

What trial it is to complete each piece.

Though this path of least resistance,

It is a short list of best practices.

Keep your steps ‘on stepping,

And hammer down the drums.

How great these tender mercies are!

Lord, you keep us still,

Lord, you keep us inspired to your will!

Take out the paints!

Unpack the knives and

Bring out the skillful tools!

Constant fleeting and constant releasing.

Dreaming up fairy tales

Or drinking up fresh puddles.

We categorize our few paints

And organize the flowers.

Outside the window, we see new things.

Lined up brightly in rows of lavender shades,

Flowers, inspiring to the artists that walk by.

How much greater the lonely

Is a brush without his companion?

This too is an artist without a work space.

Which is better than a flutter of texture-

Than a colony of color?

The bugs and trees that have come swaying 

in cheeriness and joy to a belonging day,

Or the grit of sand left on washed out shoes?

A summery haze with

Brilliant blues and colored tones,

Only flooded out by

An overcast shadow of hues.

Yellow, blue, gray

They swirl with the cool, sun-filled mist.

Clouds faze through the sky.

Like a school of fish,

They intertwine with their neighbors.

Waving hello and

Waving goodbye.

Signing of the time to go.

This hugging, this holding on tight,

To the ones they love most.

In our neighbor's backyard

Holding onto dimly lit evenings of

Red berries, you and I.

With you and I,

Singing praises of

The Almighty God.

Searching lights and

Stars standing still.

Laughter, leaning back into

Loving arms traced by

Fields of ambient grace.

We brace and we kiss,

Smiling teeth and hugs that we’ve missed.

Some have chosen to wander still,

While yet some have come to stand

Present in the stillness of heat.

Open our eyes, here is our finished piece.

Full of color, with more marks than the sand, Is this masterpiece for the glory of God!

Author’s note: “These words are to serve as a loose and abstract, encouraging, summer-filled poem directed to artists. Depicted is a weaving story of how we go through the tailend of winter anticipating the seasons’ change, but in turn, fearing we’re destined to waste it. This loose cannon emotion of wasting the days by over preparing rather than putting our calling fully to action is not only relatable to artists, but — I feel — to everyone. We must stay creative, shun overthinking and double-mindedness in ourselves, faithfully read our Bible. It’s not you but Christ in you and so by this create joyful art, stay in the moment with the Lord, and love this beautiful and warm life.” - Hannah V.


Originally published in Gritty Faith Volume 15. Written by Hannah Van Steenwyk.

Hannah Van Steenwyk of Hannah V Fine Arts is a primarily abstract expressionist artist from Sioux Falls, SD. Her passion is creating purposeful art for her clients that gives comfort, joy, and connection and displays peace in the home, business, or public space. “I bring simplicity to a complex world,” says Hannah V. “Joy, Comfort, and Peace are my goal! If it doesn’t cause joy, if it doesn’t bring comfort, and if it doesn’t clarify peace, then you likely won’t find me there.” Find out more about Hannah’s work and her nonprofit at www.HannahVFineArts.com

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