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Lovely, a jhp Signature Necklace XV

Lovely, a jhp Signature Necklace XV

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"Lovely" is is a jhp, Prayer Art original Signature collection. 

The jhp, Signature pieces are the most special of them all, for each is birthed from a segment of the original artwork. The artwork is carefully cut apart into 25 pieces, hand-signed, and then resin sealed in a bezel. The back of each bezel is hand-stamped with roman numerals indicating its place in the collection (#1-25). The mixed-metal necklace design is on a 20" chain with a lobster clasp, and finished off with the jhp, Prayer Art makers' tag.

Every piece comes in a gift box with the certificate of authenticity, proving it is an original from this collection. Additionally, every necklace comes with the complete devotional which shares the artwork story, 5x7 Prayer Art print, 5x7 poem, and a digital self-paced journaling retreat.

There are only 25 pieces in this exclusive jhp, Signature collection.

Almost all of the findings are casted, formed and plated in the United States with imported metals from teams of generational craftsmen. The quality of the jhp Signature and Inspired line is elevated from past prayer art pieces.

The story behind "Lovely," 
Oh, Lovely. 
I see you questioning if you are enough.
I know you feel like you are missing the mark. I know you wrestle with what-could-have-been. I know your heart is in the right place, yet you still feel like everything is messy.
I see you reaching and struggling for the "more" that feels like it is just beyond your grasp.
I watch you running towards that finish line, the one that keeps moving. I know you are wondering if it will ever be enough, if you will ever be enough.
Yet, what you don't realize is that you are lovely, right now, just as you are.
The creases, the lines, the “extra,” show the world that you are real. The imperfections are proof of the life you have lived.
Your humanness is lovely.
The way you get hot headed,
the way you love with fiery passion,
the way you courageously stand up,
the way the tears pour out when you are mad, all of it is seeped with authenticity.
Your passion is lovely.
The dark secrets you hold for others,
the gate-keeping you do to keep them safe,
the way you circle around your people, fiercely protecting those you love until they are able to protect themselves.
Your protection is lovely.
The intense wrestling of your faith,
your never-ending desire to be part of the good,
the steady beating of your heart that calls out, trusting in tomorrow.
Your intention is lovely.
The layers to you that extend well beyond the surface,
the reaching that you do to constantly break through the darkness bringing new goodness to life.
Your growth is lovely.
Even within the darkest parts of you, the segments you wish you could block off and never visit again,
there lives a yearning that redemption is possible.
Your hope is lovely.
Especially now, as your eyes well up with tears in the realization that just maybe you actually are enough, right here as you are, you are absolutely lovely.
This artwork, titled "Lovely" was created by Jessy Paulson, Prayer Artist using liquid acrylics.  The artwork has a washed out feel, reminiscent of seeing a gorgeous bouquet of flowers through tear-stained eyes. Each piece is carefully selected and hand-cut from the originally painting, and then sealed in resin inside of a bezel. The "wet" look of the resin adds to the story of lovely as the colors melt together and the jhp "Signature" blurs. Every piece is hand-stamped on the back with roman numerals indicating the number of the piece in this exclusive collection of 25 pieces.
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