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Purpose + Grit

Become a 2023 jhp LAUNCH LOVE Groupie

Become a 2023 jhp LAUNCH LOVE Groupie

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Your 2nd chance is here! 

I am inviting YOU to join the party as I release my brand-new jhp, Inspired jewelry line by becoming a LAUNCH LOVE Groupie!

Throughout this whole year, I will be releasing my new devotional jewelry line called, jhp Inspired through monthly drops. In this new line, I am expanding upon the message of my most beloved prayers by pairing a beautifully designed jewelry piece that is inspired by the original prayer art with a full devotional which includes story, scripture, an artwork print, and a self-paced digital retreat download!

Over the last 2 years, I have created over 100 Prayer Art collections, taking my original artwork and cutting it apart to create one-of-a-kind resin poured jewelry pieces. In 2023, I'll be taking your FAVORITE Prayer Art Collections (PLUS a few new ones!) and turning them into this jhp, Inspired Devotional Jewelry line.


These new collections will consist of necklaces, bracelets, keychains, or earrings -- designed with enamel charms of the artwork and mixed metal findings. All new designs that you've never before seen! Some pieces will be bright and colorful, others will be sleek and timeless.

The meaning behind every jhp, Inspired jewelry piece is elevated with the devotional that is included. With each piece you will get:

> 5x7 prayer art print of the artwork and prayer behind the collection

> a devotional story about the piece

> a 5x7 beautiful frameable scripture card

> a QR code linking to the digital self-paced retreat designed around the prayer art.


The jhp Inspired Devotional Jewelry is a beautiful, intentional way to connect. It gives the recipient a gorgeous piece of wearable art while evoking a sense of deep empathy through the art and words that will help them feel seen through their deepest trenches.


At the beginning of 2023, I opened up an elite offering called LAUNCH LOVE Groupies. This small group of women receive every single piece from the 2023 jhp, Inspired Devotional Jewelry line.  So far they have received SIX pieces (4 in January and 2 in February!) and come the first week of March, I'll be sending them 4 more!  

That means my LAUNCH LOVE Groupies will have received over $400 worth of jewelry in just the first 3 months! AND they are still going to receive a special package each month with even more!  All-in-all, they will receive well over $1600 worth of jewelry throughout the year. 

Do you want in?

I've decided I would love to add a few more women as special LAUNCH LOVE Groupies (so I can spoil them rotten all year long!). When you join as a Groupie, you get a fabulous deal on all my new jhp Inspired releases and I get your input and support as a cheerleader on the front-line of this release. (It's a win-win!)


When you sign up today, I will send you your first package within two weeks! You will get all of the January, February, and March pieces in that first mailing. AND then... every single month I'll send you the cutest package filled with the latest jhp, Inspired releases for that month!


Each monthly package includes multiple collections with 2-4 pieces of jewelry. If you love to have a "little something" to gift to your friends, becoming a Launch Love Groupie is just the ticket. I am certain you will open the box and immediately know exactly if you should keep the pieces for yourself or if you should gift them to another.  (God has a way of speaking through these messages so they reach the person who needs them most!)


Your first mailing will come in mid-January and will include 4 pieces from the Dragonfly Flutters Collection (check out the photos for sneak peeks of what to expect!) Every piece you receive will include the full devotional as described above.


In this Second Chance deal, I have a VERY limited number of LAUNCH LOVE Groupie spots reserved. The reason why I am doing this is because YOU have all been my biggest cheerleaders since I launched my Prayer Art Jewelry 2 years ago.  It is my goal with this jhp, Inspired line to get my jewelry placed in little boutiques all across the country. We all know that the BEST form of advertising is word of mouth. By offering this knock-out deal to become a LAUNCH LOVE Groupie, I am also asking you to continue to share my words and work with the world by telling others about your Prayer Art Jewelry pieces or sharing them as gifts. 


You see, the jewelry designed for the jhp, Inspired Collection is unlike any other jewelry I have created before which was all one of a kind. This jewelry is made to be replicated, meaning this line will be available for purchase on an on-going basis not only through Purpose + Grit but also through boutiques across the country later in the year. This expansion of my work allows me to amplify the impact of my Prayer Art, reaching even more women who are looking for ways to meaningfully connect.


I'm inviting YOU to be part of the process on a very intimate level by becoming a LAUNCH LOVE Groupie.


As a Groupie, you will get a package from me each month with that month's jhp, Inspired jewelry pieces. I may ask you for feedback from time to time including product reviews.  For this one low price, you get ALL of the 2023 jhp, Inspired Devotional Jewelry pieces for about 60% off!


So far this year, I have released the following jhp, Inspired Collections:
🤍 Dragonfly Flutters
🤍You are Loved
🤍 Holding Space
And coming soon you will find:
🤍 Lovely (New Prayer!)
🤍 Drenched (New Prayer!)
🤍 Worth the Weight
🤍 Even Here
🤍 On the Cross
🤍 Current (New Prayer!)
🤍 Sunrise Sunset
🤍 Anchored
🤍 Trust the Wait
And so many more!  a total of 24+!!
Thanks so much for considering becoming a LAUNCH LOVE Groupie! I hope I am sending you one of these extra special packages soon.
If you have already purchased LAUNCH LOVE individual credits and wish to use those towards the LAUNCH LOVE Groupie membership instead, simply email me at and I will apply it. 
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